About us

The Australian produce market was generally unfamiliar with the possibility of automated produce handling and its benefits. When we started exploring the market, we immediately had a very positive response from the first markets that we targeted. These were in the fresh produce sector as well as the poultry sector. In these industries a vast amount of normally manually executed work can be taken over by product processing machines and conveyor systems.

Viscon is a world-wide supplier of product and material handling solutions and Viscon Australia has been present on the Australian and New Zealand market for several years now. Our specialty is the design, development and manufacture of integrated logistics systems for pre- and post-processing of product and product carriers. We are renowned world-wide for our punnet, box, crate, bin, trolley and pallet handling solutions, which, in Australia, can be found at numerous locations, especially in the vegetable and poultry industries. Besides the integrated systems we also supply standalone equipment. Examples of such systems are industrial washing lines, palletisers, case packers or storage systems for crates/boxes and / or pallets. Our systems increase production and labour efficiency and improve OH&S conditions

Viscon Australia is owned and operated locally with the full support of the Viscon Group. Viscon Australia offers local knowledge, sales, service and maintenance of our product lines. Our service department is on call for any matters that arise and our attentive sales staff are here to help solve any handling issues that you currently have.